Lightning Strike Products, Inc.

LSPI designs and manufactures accessories for a variety of firearms. All of our products are designed to improve both accuracy and reliability. We continually strive to produce innovative quality products for the firearms enthusiast.


Lightning Strike Products, Inc. - The Ultimate Striker for GLOCK Pistols since 1995.

Same Brand...New Look:
Take some time to look around our newly designed website featuring the same quality Lightning Strike Products with a fresh look. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Innovative Products for the Competitive Shooter

Thanks to the innovative Striker design and superior raw material, our products can help you reduce your Lock Time by up to 50%! Reduced lock time means improved accuracy. Get the maximum amount of performance out of your firearm with Lightning Strike Products!


Featured Products...

GLOCK Titanium Strikers:

"Lightened" Titanium Striker for increased accuracy and reduced lock time!

GLOCK triggerGLOCK Triggers:

Smooths action and improves accuracy!

GLOCK captured Guide RodGLOCK Guide Rods:

Improves cycling and replaces factory plastic with quality Stainless Steel! Captured and Non-Captured styles available.